Saturday, 16 March 2013

My mind.... in cue card form?

So I've finally done it. My tutor has been telling me for the last month to create a story board for the final edit of my film. This is easier said than done as it involved figuring out the following;
a) Why am I creating this film?
b) What is the film about?
c) What is the underlying theme?
d) What is the narrative?
e) How is the narrative going to be told?

You would think these would have been things to have sorted out before I started the project - but apparently I have evaded even thinking about them and have just filmed and recorded what had interested me at the time.

So for the last month I got stuck into reading, watching, researching other artists and generally mulling over all the above questions. It's scary as I have felt like I'm achieving very little while my deadline is looming, but in the end it was entirely necessary. Here is the result;

My breakthrough in creating my narrative came from an excerpt from David Bate's book 'The Key Concepts of Photography';
"... News photographs are perceived as signifying events. Art and most documentary photographs signify states. Some documentary photographs and Muybridge's series in particular are seen as signifying processes. From what we know about minimal narratives, we might say that an ideal minimal story form might consist of a documentary photograph, then a news photograph, then an art photograph (process, event, state)." - David Bate

So I'm following this simple narrative structure by showing the process through the visuals, event with discussion of the current organic debates through interview footage and state through personal stories of the workers.

It is intimidating to have everything that was in my brain now displayed on the wall above my bed, but it is a start and it will be good to get going with the next stage of working on the initial edit.