Monday, 26 March 2012


I have now packed away the studio I've been using over the last 4 weeks, and so begins the mammoth task of sorting through the photos. I have over 30,000 images to go through, sort and reorder. By the end of this I'll have some idea of what I have, and what else I need to capture. I want to move onto outdoor timelapses of landscape scenes.

Here is the raw footage of the grape hyacinth growth... it didn't grow as I had expected but I have plenty to work with.

Update on the frogs - they survived their car journey across the country, are doing well and are growing their back legs!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Here's a rough cut of the footage shot of the tadpoles. Shot with a 60mm macro lens on a light box...
These are the same ones as hatched in the previous video and will be growing legs soon.

Apologies for the over dramatic music... it was a quick edit! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


So this last week has been one of successes, failures and lessons learnt.

The frogspawn was a great success and are rapidly turning into pretty huge tadpoles. Here's a rough cut of the timelapse of the frogspawn hatching into tadpoles;

The snowdrop timelapse failed due the snowdrop dying, probably due to the warmth of the room, and the timelapse of the roots, although they had a very promising start, have ceased growing.

I have however  moved on and have new setups. I've decided to capture the flowering of these plants, as growth right from the bulb is just too prone to mistakes. Here are the primrose, snow bell (snowdrop hybrid) and grape hyacynth stills;

All images ©Lydia Harris 2012